This passionate collection of one-of-a-kind objects is a result of my almost obsessive gathering of treasures! I put this together, with love, over thirty years of relentless shopping… For the first time, with a bit of hesitation, I’m presenting a few of my favorite things. My genuine wish is that you will enjoy these unique treasures, as much as I…


Trilogy Antiques & Design

I am thrilled to join forces with Brandon Nelson and some of the Midwest’s finest art and antiques dealers in his latest venture called Trilogy Antiques & Design.

Trilogy is a cooperative gallery that features one of a kind art and antiques in the Village of Three Oaks, Michigan.

Three Oaks is a town I was introduced to many years ago; my Great Aunt Bec lived there and raised bloodhound puppies, grew beefsteak tomatoes, and baked up some damn good sugar cookies!

I have wonderful childhood memories of this special town and I am excited about the extraordinary opportunity to work there; such a great excuse to visit regularly. The awesome food, the beautiful beaches, and the amazing people make Three Oaks and Michigan so very special; not to mention the fine antiques, art and accessories…

We will be throwing a party at Trilogy to celebrate eight amazing months,
May 28th (Memorial Day Weekend) at 6PM. Won’t you join us?!

Call 269.756.3300 if you need more details.
Trilogy Antiques & Design
19 S. Elm St. Three Oaks, MI 49128

More fabulous finds from the legendary fields of Brimfield, Massachusetts soon!

Mushroom Coral, 16” l x 6” t x 6 ½” w

Ivory Handled Knife, 16” l x 2” w x ½” t

Asian Pillow, 29"l, 5.5"w

Wig Forms, c. 1900, French, 12 ½” t x 3’ l

Eel Traps, 42” t x 9 ½” w

Maesai Foo Dogs, 18th Century, 20” t x 10” w x 6 ¾” d

Drum, 11” w x 3” t

Red and Black Box, 12"l, 3.5"w, 2.5"d

Coiled Currency, 20"l

Swedish Clogs, Red

Pew End, 32.5"t, 16.5"w, 1.5"d

Featured at Trilogy in Three Oaks Michigan.

Leather Portfolio, 15"w, 11"t, .5"d

Vintage Paintbrushes, 17"l, 9"w

Featured at Trilogy in Three Oaks Michigan.

Child’s Boxing Gloves on Stand, 18"t, 7"w

Featured at Trilogy in Three Oaks Michigan.

Vintage Hat with Rattlesnake Band, 15" diameter

Maxwell Street Days

This photograph of Maxwell Street days reminds me that my obsessive collecting of one of a kind objects, must come from a visceral reaction to the objects, (en mass) on Maxwell Street!!

I suspect my passion comes from these awesome experiences; early on Saturday mornings with my grandpa… when I was very young!

Asian Lacquered Stand, 19"diam, 8"t

Swedish Berry Picking Basket, 11”d, 13”w, 17.5”t

Conveyor Belt Rug, 28”w, 67”l

Handmade Wire Table, 32.25"w, 21.5"d, 29.5"h

Armadillo Handbag, 10”l, 7”w, 6”d

Carved Chief’s Belt, Borneo, 13"diam, 5"t

Antique Coral Beads, 18”l